3 Reasons to Build

As a builder, the benefits of building are obvious to me. If you’re not submerged in building, the benefits may not be altogether clear to you, or you may have some valid concerns preventing you from building. Here are the top 3 reasons you should build.

  1. You know what you like, and you can’t find it where you’re looking. You’ve tried broadening your search and looking further away from your ideal location, but you still haven’t found anything. The real problem is that your ideal home hasn’t been built yet. Stop searching for your home and build it already!

  2. Energy efficiency. Windows, insulation, lighting, and appliances have improved by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Geothermal heating & cooling can reduce energy bills by 70%. What does it all mean to you? You will have significantly lower energy bills than your neighbors.

  3. Peace of mind. New houses are less likely to have a leaky faucet or roof. If, by chance, something is faulty, everything is under warranty. Additionally, new houses are built to a higher standard than older homes, so preventative measures against problems such as mold and radon are built into your home.

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