Holding Back?

Awhile ago, I was introduced to a couple who had visited our showcase home. They had fallen in love with the design and talked to our rep about purchasing it. Due to circumstances beyond their control, they put off placing an offer. By the time they were ready to commit, the house was already sold. The news was devastating to them. They had spent the last two years looking for their ‘perfect’ home, only to have missed the opportunity.

Our rep offered a solution. “Have you considered building a home instead?” The couple went silent for a moment. “We didn’t think building was for us. How would we finance it and find land? How long would it take?”

I’ve noticed a pattern: people who would appreciate the benefits of a custom home the most are often hesitant about building. They would rather look around for an existing home that is almost perfect for years, rather than build their truly perfect home in a matter of months. Don’t misunderstand this; these are intelligent people who are aware of the option but never consider it. As a builder, I’ve had to ask myself the tough question, “Why”?

There are countless reasons why people don’t build, but I’ve boiled it down to these 3 main reasons:

  1. It seems complicated. The process seems overwhelming and long in comparison with picking an existing home. Articulating your likes is more difficult than accepting a tangible package.
  2. Vulnerability. You have to trust a builder to do quality work, get it done on time, and not change prices mid-game. Additionally, committing to something you can’t see or touch yet is scary.
  3. Analysis paralysis. Studies have shown that when people have too many options to choose from, they put off making a decision. Some people need to do a lot of research before making a decision while others make decisions impulsively. Building is a calculated choice that people typically arrive at after carefully exploring all options.

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