Wine Cellars & Tasting Rooms

The US is in the midst of a growing trend of hosting wine tasting events at home. People seek an alternative to going out. It’s all the rage; wine tasting or cooking with friends creates a layer of intimacy unmatched by impersonal restaurant atmosphere. After all homes are increasingly being designed to serve as a comfortable setting for social gatherings. Our contemporary indoor space is evolving; kitchens once tucked away are the centerpiece of our open space. Likewise our dining rooms and basements are undergoing a transformation often taking inspiration from sophisticated wine tasting rooms or wine cellars.

Below are few inspirational ideas from various designers we enjoy:

Courtesy of Vin de Garde

Courtesy Kelly Deck Design

Courtesy of Fulcrum Structural Engineering

Courtesy of MAP Architects

Courtesy of The Asylum

Courtesy of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architecture

Courtesy of Steenbergh Vineyards

Modern Cellar (credit)

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